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What is Grow?

  • Trackable Email
  • Email Templates
  • Automations
  • Enhanced Reporting

4 Keys to Create a Hot Prospect List:

  • Define your goal (use location, lead type, deal stage, engagement, etc)
  • Create and email template with 'bait'
    • Keep it short and sweet
    • Add a trackable link or attachment
      • Ideas:
        • Request for proposal
        • Buyer guide
        • White paper
        • RSVP link for calendar
        • Quotes
  • Send to your targeted prospect list
    • Use List Views
  • Use Email Analytics to see who is 'hot' and who is 'not'.

Automate Your Follow-up:

  • 3 common scenarios:
    • When…
    • Deal stage changes
    • Recurring deal
    • Add a new Company, Person or Deal
  • Create a...
    • Task
    • A deal
    • Notification
    • To do template (a series of tasks)
  • Example Scenario: After I make a sale I...
    • Change deal status to closed
    • Ask Accounting to create/send an invoice
    • Email my support team to begin welcome onboard services
    • Notify my boss so she can track revenue
  • Homework:
    • Send a trackable email
    • Set up 1 automation

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