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Who can import?

Anyone can import; but only admins can edit account settings

Preparing Your Spreadsheet:
End Goal: Import Company data, People data and Deal data into PipelineDeals.

Rules of Importing:
  • Use CSV, XLS, or XLSX - Note: only the first sheet can be imported. So if you have an excel file with multiple sheets, export to a csv and you can import them each separately.
  • You can either upload one file 3 times or save in 3 CSV files: companies, people, deals.
  • Headers must be in the first row.
  • One record per row, one row per record.
  • Match your data to Admin Settings
    • Download the template (it will have all your default fields so any others you need will be custom)
    • All non-default fields: these are custom fields
      • Add all custom fields in Admin Settings
      • Picklists/Dropdown:
        • For picklists separate each item with a comma (space/no space is okay) OR use separate columns for each picklist value.
        • Entries must match exactly the values in Admin settings (but it's not case sensitive)
        • We recommend you use dropdowns or picklists instead of text if there's a known set of values.
        • We also recommend you use numeric fields instead of text for numeric values so you can filter by a specific range in list views.
  • Import in this exact order: Companies, People, then Deals.

Advanced Tips:

FOR ADMINS ONLY: These can create values during an import if added by an admin:

  • Source (only by admins)
  • Tags (only by admins)
  • Status' (only by admins)
  • Deleting the import
    • Will not delete newly created values
    • Example 1 If you imported a people sheet and then mapped a column to status, it will delete all the imported people but not the status' created by your import.
    • Example 2 If you delete a people import- it will NOT delete the companies created.

For more information on importing, please visit our knowledge base:

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