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Know When It's Time To Change CRM Systems

CRM software is the vital piece that holds sales organizations together in the pursuit of business growth.

Good software is supposed to help do the job better. It should function like an extension of ourselves, helping us to accomplish our tasks without us having to think about its role. Why then do so many CRM systems seem to accomplish exactly the opposite? For many salespeople, dealing with their CRM is the biggest barrier to productivity in their day.

There are many reasons to change CRM systems. Sometimes you've outgrown the old one, and sometimes the system doesn't accomplish everything that it needed to from the beginning. Migrating customer databases can be a big undertaking, but it's nothing compared to the loss of dollars and time through inefficiency in the sales process. No matter the cause for making a change, do your due diligence to make your next CRM a positive experience.

Change CRM

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Do your research

Know when it's just not working anymore

We've all been there, when the software has been jury rigged more times than anyone can remember. Look for the warning signs that it's time to change software: frustration, lost productivity, and a constant absence of easy solutions¬Ě.

Getting buy in from the sales team

Persuading the sales team to wholeheartedly embrace new software can be a challenge. After all, learning the new system will slow them down at first. Getting 100% buy in is essential to making the new system a success.

Know who needs access

Salespeople are the obvious users of CRM software, but there are many others who need access to its data including managers, marketers, sales support, and project managers. The whole point of cloud-based CRM software is to get mission critical information to the people who need it, when they need it.

Do your research and decide what features you need

There are a lot of CRM options on the market. Finding the one that does everything you need it to can be challenging, but it doesn't need to be painful. Take advantage of free trials and sit in on demos to see how different systems really work. It'll save you tears in the long run.

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