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Location: Seattle, WA (downtown)

PipelineDeals is hiring COMPANY OVERVIEW

PipelineDeals is a fast-growing CRM technology company “built by salespeople for salespeople.” Founded in 2006, we have grown to 3,000+ global customers across 100+ countries. Our SaaS platform is optimized for small-to-medium businesses (SMB) frustrated with overpriced/over-engineered CRM solutions like Salesforce. We give SMBs a competitive advantage when they go up against more established competitors or enter a market for the first time.

PipelineDeals’ users win because our services delivers easy-to-use sales automation tools, intuitive workflows and great customer service. When users find us, they like us — 98% of our accounts renew every year. Our future roadmap includes exciting innovations in AI/machine learning, predictive analytics and voice/mobile to build on this platform. We also plan to optimize the PipelineDeals user experience to ease the burden of entering and maintaining CRM data. Most importantly, in order to stay true to our simplicity roots and meet the needs of our customers, UX and Product Design will have an increasingly-central role in our future product strategy.

This unique vision and market opportunity attracted top angel investors in 2014, including Mike Galgon and Geoff Entress . PipelineDeals is profitable and has had 30+% YOY growth the last few years — the timing is great for you to join our growth story!

Our culture/core values (“YEOMANS”): You matter, customers matter; Everyone is responsible; Operational awesomeness; Must. Always. Stay. Hungry.; Anticipate customer needs; Never stop learning; Seek solutions.


We are looking for a thoughtful and solution-oriented person to facilitate our most important resource: our People. This role will work across all departments (Sales, Marketing, Customer Support/ Success, Product and Finance) to create and evolve an environment that makes PipelineDeals a truly awesome place to work. In alignment with our core values, we call the traditional “human resources” role here “People Matters”.

Come join the PipelineDeals Business Team team as a People Matters Manager. If you:
  • love facilitating humans to be successful and productive.
  • are passionate about being the caretaker and promoter of company culture and our YEOMANS Core Values.
  • have a service based orientation that is centered around bringing out the best in people.
  • excel in a fast-paced, dynamic environment that is prone to change rapidly and often.
  • are geared to fulfill the promise of HR which is to help our team leads lead.


  • Lead the evolution of a human resources function within PipelineDeals. This includes recruiting, professional development, compensation and benefits.
  • Own and improve the new employee onboarding process including all necessary procedures. Mature the current process to make it as professional, easy and employee centric as possible.
  • Build out our “Awesome Day One” process into something truly impactful and meaningful.
  • Lead the annual review process. Work to craft a new and improved review process in conjunction with the Team Leads.
  • Be flexible and willing to adjust priorities on the fly in order to address critical human and facility related issues.
  • Be approachable and thoughtful in approaching delicate human resource related issues. Have a solution oriented mindset that helps find the best solution for both the team member and PipelineDeals.
  • Be responsible for all aspects of human success - equipment, facilities, phones, computers, internet access, electricity.
  • Establish a set of necessary bare minimum requirements for Work From Home situations.
  • Work with the C-Team to establish company policy and practices (e.g., work from home and paid time off policies).
  • Participate in all company interviews to evaluate skills and cultural fit.
  • Conduct reference and background checks on all potential new hires - both direct and indirect.
  • Ensure compliance with all state and federal laws.
  • Be a resource for the C-Team and L-Team in thinking through creating and nurturing a positive, challenging and productive culture at PipelineDeals.
  • Be the single point of contact for human facilitation at PipelineDeals including space planning, toolset availability, internet connectivity, facilities availability, problem resolution, proactive intervention. This role will be the one to make sure things are running smoothly for all Pipeliners.
  • Take responsibility for ordering morale boosting items regularly - snacks and drinks, coffee service, seasonal and company-related props.
  • Plan and coordinate the Company and internal team building events including any celebrations, milestone events, Annual Summit. Help Team Leads sponsor their own team specific events (e.g., Sales Meetings, Marketing Kick-offs, Volunteer opportunities).
  • Convey a positive, helpful, service-centric approach to the role that is an example of professionalism and enthusiasm.
  • Stay in touch with Company morale and sentiment. Respond early and positively on those areas that make sense to both the Pipeliner and the Company. Simple wins often revolve around
  • Be a strong voice in promoting the benefits and advantages of being a Pipeliner. Find new ways to communicate to the Company the value of the amazing perks available to them.


  • 5+ years HR experience
  • Proven success working in companies with 40+ employees located in multiple locations.
  • Able and willing to help build upon a solid foundation in a high growth environment.
  • Open, friendly and creative problem solver with excellent oral and written communication skills and exceptional negotiation and mediation skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree in HR, Business, Communications or relevant field

How to Apply

If you think you are a good match, please submit your resume and a cover letter explaining how you exemplify one of our our core values in your daily life. Submit your cover letter and resume to [email protected] and let us know why we can't go another day without hiring you.

Statement of Diversity

PipelineDeals is an equal employment opportunity employer. Every Pipeliner has the right to work in surroundings that are free from all forms of unlawful discrimination. The Company will not engage in or tolerate any discrimination in the workplace prohibited by local, state or federal law. Specifically, no Pipeliner will be treated differently or less favorably on the basis of their race, sex/gender, religion/creed, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, national origin, genetics/genetic markers, military or Veterans status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

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