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PipelineDeals is the CRM of choice for former Batchbook customers.

Seamless migration.

Safe and secure data transfer.

Free, U.S.-based customer support.

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PipelineDeals — another CRM you'll love
Pam O'Hara

"We know you'll be in good hands. We've worked with the PipelineDeals team for many years and they stand ready to support each and every one of you." - Pam O'Hara, CEO of Batchbook

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Batchbook's Clear Choice is PipelineDeals CRM

Batchbook's Clear Choice is PipelineDeals CRM

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Batchbook, PipelineDeals and Automagical Migration

Batchbook, PipelineDeals and "Automagical" Migration

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Top Questions from Batchbook CRM Customers

Top Questions from Batchbook CRM Customers

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With PipelineDeals, you'll get:

Sales Pipeline Management

Sales pipeline tracking

Contact management

Integrations with tools you love like Outlook, Gmail, & Mailchimp

Unlimited Dashboards & Reports

Unlimited dashboards and reports

A customizable experience with unlimited custom fields

A leading mobile CRM app so you can work on the go

Grow Sales with PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals is the easiest way to win more deals, keep your team organized, and get more done!

We're here to help!

Seriously, call us at +1 (866) 702-7303 or email us and one of us will happily assist you.

PipelineDeals Seattle team

What customers are saying:

We're up 147% in revenue since we started using PipelineDeals two years ago.

Michael Deviney, Shaker Painting

We've doubled our revenue since we started using PipelineDeals.

Dan Stifle, SunX Solar Systems

PipelineDeals was easy for our sales team to learn.

Marco Kristen, TENMAT

83% adoption rate

adoption rate

90% ease-of-admin rate

ease-of-admin rate

90% ease-of-use rate

ease-of-use rate

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