March Product News Updates

Our product team has been hard at work building new integrations to help your team become more productive and build game-changing relationships. By Integrating different business functions, such as marketing automation, quotes, and invoices into your CRM, you’ll help your business cut costs, increase the quality of data in your CRM, and ultimately close more business.

We’ll be continuing to expand and enhance integrations for PipelineDeals in 2018 – here’s a preview of several that have launched this year or will be launching soon.

Paycove + PipelineDeals: Stop double entering data to create quotes and invoices


If you’re tired of manually creating quotes and invoices with data that already exists in your PipelineDeals account, you can now automate it all. Integrate Paycove with PipelineDeals to automate your quoting and invoice process. Simply move a deal through your sales pipeline and Paycove will generate quotes or invoices based on the deal stage you’re in. Mark invoices as paid when you receive a payment and view monthly and yearly sales.

With PipelineDeals + Paycove, you can:

  • Instantly generate quotes and invoices using CRM data.
  • Efficiently manage getting paid.
  • Store quotes and invoices back in your CRM and stay organized.

If you’re a PipelineDeals customer, you can learn more about integrating your account with Paycove here.       

Dedupely + PipelineDeals: Eliminate duplicates and improve your sales rep’s efficiency


Duplicate records in your CRM can be a pain to manage if you have lots of contact records. When you need to move beyond depulication by email address, there’s Dedupely.

With Dedupely, you can easily monitor all of your records and resolve data duplicates right away. Dedupely gives you the power to set the deduplication rules that make the most sense for your business. Less duplicates mean less wasted time manually merging records, and less awkward moments having multiple sales reps contact the same customers. And that means more time spent selling.

If you’re a PipelineDeals customer, you can learn more about integrating your account with Dedupely here.

Coming in APRIL 2018 - Newly enhanced integration with MailChimp.


Our integration with MailChimp has been one of our most popular integrations. And after listening to customers, we’re excited to relaunch an enhanced version of it.

With this new enhanced MailChimp integration:

  • You can setup multiple lists in PipelineDeals that will automatically sync with MailChimp.
  • Pass through custom fields from PipelineDeals to MailChimp so that you build personalized campaigns.
  • Ensure that your lists in PipelineDeals and MailChimp are always up-to-date.

This integration will be re-launching in April. Be on the lookout for more information.

Coming in APRIL 2018 – Track sales performance around your office with Geckoboard


Integrate Geckoboard with PipelineDeals to create real-time sales performance dashboards that you can see on your office TV. Geckoboard is an easy-to-use dashboarding platform that gives you the power to easily create dashboards from multiple platforms.

Motivate your sales team and create healthy competition. Visualize key sales metrics like lead response time and performance vs quota to motivate your team to hit their goals. Inform your Account Management team and increase awareness of account health and progress towards targets.

This integration will be launching in April. We’ll be sending out more information once the integration is live.

If you’re not already a PipelineDeals customer, find out why thousands of customers use PipelineDeals to build game-changing relationships with their customers, with a free personalized demo.


David Baars